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Concept Design & Drawing Review

HESCO offers the full range of conceptual ship design & drawing reviews ...

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Staffing Service

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Consulting Service

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Shipyard mangement

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Shipyard construction

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Material Procurement

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Company Brief


HESCO is a leading consulting company for shipbuilding that provides a portfolio of professional support services to clients worldwide in the engineering and shipbuilding process .the company's main office is currently located in Ulsan, South Korea, home to some of the world¡¯s top shipbuilding companies, which is actively involved in new building supervision and consulting and ship production in the world. Our aim is to deliver our clients the highest quality and low cost for every projects.


HESCO¡¯s strong team of experts has extensive knowledge on different shipbuilding fields. These specialists have worked for over three decades in the world-renowned shipbuilding companys Hyundai Heavy Industries & Hyundai Mipo Dockyard. With the kind of expertise we have, we can undoubtedly give the best consulting services to improve your shipyards.

Shipbuilding Services & Project Management

HESCO as new building supervisors and shipbuilding consultants operate upon an efficient and proven project management plan. Our method guarantees the highest quality of ship construction.

Standard set of Shipbuilding Services:

  • Conceptual Ship Design.
  • Drawing Review and approval.
  • Building Specification Development.
  • New Building Supervision and Quality Management.
  • Equipments Inspection.
  • Sea Trials Supervision.
  • Owner’s Supplies Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Project Schedule and reporting.

We don¡¯t only aim to give what our clients need but also to exceed their expectations with the services that we offer. Therefore, we treat every new shipbuilding supervision, consulting and every ship construction project as a unique case. Apart from the standard set of services that we offer, we also offer customized services according to client¡¯s needs and the nature of the specific project. Clients will not have to worry for delayed project deadlines as our team of experts can deliver results promptly and effectively.

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Meet Our Consultants Hesco Experts

Ship Design & Review
  • S.H Park (Baisic)
  • D.J Kim ( hull )
  • Y.C Yune ( piping )
  • G.W Seo ( machinary )
  • K.S Park ( outfitting )
  • J.H Kim ( electric )
  • W.M Lee (accommodation)
Shipyard Management
  • G.G Byeon
  • O,J Hur
  • I.H Goh
  • H.S Kim